Bye Bye Twin Palms; You can change the name, you can renovate, but the memories will never be erased

And my late night eatery IHOP back in my college days too.  Another landmark is gone in Tempe.  Tempe Twin Palms will close down, go through a full renovation, and open with a new name, a boutique-like vibe, and a high-end restaurant and other amenities.

Read full article here:

Tempe’s Twin Palms Hotel to close, but set for major renovation

twin palms

It seems like it was just yesterday when I packed two full suitcases and drove my butt up to Tempe to attend ASU (2001).  I received a letter from ASU informing me that all the dorms were already booked and they asked I wait to hear where I will be staying.  I said the hell with that and drove up to Tempe.  When I showed up they gave me word that I would be staying at the hotel twin palms till dorms open up.  I was ecstatic baby! Room service, a maid, and breakfast all at my fingertips. Remember I was only 18 and never staid in a hotel by myself.  Well let’s just say it was nothing like that and at the time couldn’t wait till I had a real dorm to call home. Now that I read its changes I will forever miss this place.  It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life, a chapter that turned out to be one of the important ones, and from this blog to Twin palms thanks for the memories.  Some I will let everyone know about and others will stay private.


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