Open Letter to Tempe, AZ Home & Condo Sellers from the Top up and coming real estate agent


Dear prospective client,

I’m writing to introduce you to my real estate services in Tempe, Arizona. I’m one of the top young up and coming real estate agents in the Tempe area that knows how to sell the Tempe Lifestyle like no other! + I can offer you many FREE services, such as:

  1. An estimate of your Tempe property’s value, based on comparable properties. (Values in Tempehave increased 30-40% within the past few years)
  2. My own fair rent guide that examines how much similar properties are renting for.
  3. Referrals for property managers.
  4. Introductions to the best lenders in town, should you be considering a refinance.
  5. Lists of other investment properties to purchase in the area.
  6. A complete marketing plan, if you’re selling. I can email or mail you my power point listing presentation, just shoot me an email or call and ask.

If you have any interest in an update on your Tempe, AZ property or considering selling, don’t hesitate to call me call me direct at 480.458.8007 or e-mail me at TempeHomesCondos@Gmail.Com anytime.


Juan Pesqueira, Real Estate Agent


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