Sail Inn Tempe Say It Aint So, Closing!

Sail Inn TempeCall it a Staple, call it an Icon, and Call it what you will but The Sail Inn Tempe will no longer be in business come June 29th.  Located just steps from Mill Ave, near the tracks to the east, Regatta Pointe Condos adjacent to the west, and Tempe Town Lake to the north I am sure if you have not been through the bar you have seen the building. To all who have been through this place (You know who you are) know that this is another blow to the change in the Mill Ave District.  All these places of history are being bought out, being sold, and converting to similar uses or a complete overhaul.  I understand Tempe will evolved and continue to evolve but there are some places as a local and one who has through them, done that, seen them should stay the same and mix in with the new developments.

According to the City of Tempe’s website, it will eventually host multiple restaurants (possibly either new locations of Culinary Dropout and/or The Lodge), as well as a coffee shop, fitness studio, and retail space. But to me I don’t think anything can truly replace this joint.

Gina Lombardi, longtime owner of The Sail Inn said “Big developers have taken over the Sail Inn and it’s going to become a restaurant,” Gina did sell the place once before and rescued it then maybe for some miracle it can happen again! So Long Sail INN you will be missed!

Click here to Read the Full Article in the Phoenix New Times

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