You’re Guide to March Madness Bars on Mill Ave & Tempe

Arizona v Arizona State

March madness is a crazy time for all your sports fans like me!  This year is a little more interesting than others because ASU is finally dancing and that’s why Tempe and Mill Ave should be going nuts during this time.  We have gathered some great places to catch the game, eat some good food, mingle, and enjoy  big upsets , the underdog victory’s, beating the dynasty, seeing who’s the best college/university in the country. ASU it’s time to shine unlike UofA we don’t get there every year and the last was the James Harden Era.

Devils advocate

1. The Devils Advocate


I am a regular here and love this place.  The beers are always flowing, the service is great, and the food does not get the credit it deserves.  Catch the game on the loud speaker where it can get intense in a fun way.  This place offers some of the best beer prices and does their best to accommodate everyone. Don’t see your game on; ask your waiter, bartender, or manager.  I expect this place to be packed and going crazy during the ASU game. The crowd is always a mixture of old & new clientele, past and present athletes, and a few celebrities have come through as well.


firehouse-girls12. Firehouse Tempe

If you are looking for some ASU Coeds serving you with great beer specials, the game on large TV’s, and on the loud speaker this is it.  Its located is at the corner of University & Mill with no parking near you’ll have to walk past a plethora of bars to get here. If you don’t get distracted and make it in I am sure you will enjoy it here.  Leather couches or a high bar stool is your choice of seating.  The couches are for larger groups.  The bar or tables near the pocket door will have you enjoying the nice AZ breeze.

Buffalo Wild Wings3. Buffalo Wild Wings

As of recently I am not a huge fan of the service (Walked out after 30+ minutes waiting on our drinks) but I am still a fan when it comes to catching a game.  The bar area is where to sit, the chairs are not too conferrable but after a few brews or drinks you don’t care.  This place has an entertainment lady (Or thats what she called herself, hell who knows I was atleast 5 beers in) that comes around and asks what game you would like on.  They do their best to accommodate your request.  The large screens located at the center of the bar and dining area always have the game on the loud speaker.  The food (Not the service) is great, burgers, wings, bar food, and finger foods, plus unlike Mill this place has parking. This is a place to catch multiple games and UFC fights for free.

 New to the Scene

The new bars Loco Patron, El Jefe, Zipps Sports Grill are new to the scene but I have been to all of them in other locations.

–          Loco Patron (On Scottsdale RD Old Town Scottsdale) Back in the day was the only place that offered 2 dollar beers in Scottsdale, it was UN heard of. These guys get it, offer great service, and have combined the sports and Mexican bar into one. Throw a beach backdroft or picture yourself in the Corona Commercials (Where’s Your Beach) you would not know if you were in Mexico or the US because it truly feels like a bar in Cancun, Mazatlan, or Rocky Point.

–         El Jefe – I have been to this bar once and I don’t think they will have any game on a loudspeaker hell it’s so damn loud that if it was you probably will not hear anything.  This place offers michiladas and Caguama. For those who don’t know what a Caguama is it’s a 32 ounces but if you party or familiar with bars in Mexico the Caguama is drank like Americans drink 12 ounce beers.  In Mexico when you choose a beer they bring you the Caguama, you have to ask for the smaller beer if it’s too much for you. Don’t be shocked if they clown on you in Spanish so if they say something and begin laughing they are talking about you!

–          ZippsI don’t have to say anything about Zipps this place is always great for everything.

If you do go out don’t drink and drive.  Feel free to comment and add to this below.



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