Shocker Alert!!! Tempe 85284 #3 wealthiest zip code in Phoenix

Tempe, AZ

This is a surprise to me by not by much.  Let’s look at #1 and #2 wealthiest zip codes Phoenix, Arizona.

#1 Paradise Valley and #2 Scottsdale 85266 where homes can easily range from the Million upwards of 10 Million in Scottsdale to 30 Million in Paradise Valley.  The who’s who lives here from corporate CEO, celebrities, athletes, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and many others who either inherited wealth or made their millions by themselves.

Now compare that to Tempe 85284 zip code where homes rarely range upwards of a million plus. Don’t get me wrong currently there are homes listed at or above a million but only a handful sell at those prices. But I tell you what does compare is the excellent school district Tempe 85284 comes with and yes they can compare and compete to the schools in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale.  So any luxury home and wealthy real estate buyers don’t take out Tempe because it’s a hell of a location.

By the numbers:

  • Median House Hold Income: $114,801
  • Median Disposable Income: $92,491

Click to check out all 10


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