Tempe is A Hot Sellers Market Selling is a Sure Bet!

Panoramio Tempe


Price Range Sold (Jan – March) Listed Today Odds
Up to 100K 63 18 350%
100 – 150K 110 30 367%
150 – 175K 77 18 427%
175 – 200K 49 28 175%
200 – 225K 38 17 223%
225 – 250K 41 13 315%
250 – 300K 36 25 144%
300 – 350K 23 14 164%
350 – 400K 12 12 100%
400 – 500K 13 13 100%
500K Plus 13 36 36%

If these numbers below do not show you that Tempe is a Seller’s Market I truly don’t know what will.  You have 100% of a chance to sell any property within the 0-500K price range.  In this type of market you can easily play the market in your favor and ask for higher price than market value.

These numbers are Sold real estate from Jan-March 2013, how many active in that price range today, and odds of selling.  To break this down your home or condo will sell in less than 90 days with your chances being 100-400%. Selling in Tempe is a sure bet.  That’s why there is no reason to wait, think about it.  A year ago we were in a distressed market, today it’s a seller’s market, and homes are selling for top dollar, no reason to wait.  The market has turned sellers it’s your time to shine! There has never been a better time to put up a home or condo for sale in Tempe since during the BOOM!

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