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Juan Pesqueira specializes in Tempe Real Estate homes and condos for sale, Mill Ave Downtown Tempe High-Rise Condos, luxury homes in zip 85284, historic Tempe Homes near ASU, perfect condo for ASU students, investment properties, and surrounding Tempe neighborhoods.

You’re Tempe Arizona Homes Resources

We want to be your top resources for Tempe Homes or Condos for sale, Tempe Real Estate,  Mill Ave Urban living, Mill ave Tempe, Questa Vida, Brownstone, Wingfoot, Tempe Royal palms, Villagio Tempe, Las Estadas, zip codes 85281, 85282, 85283, Tempe luxury zip code 85284, and all Tempe real estate neighborhoods.

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Tempe, Real Estate & Tempe Homes for Sale, High Rise condos for sale.

Tempe Real Estate neighborhoods, homes, and condos are about lifestyle. While Phoenix, Arizona has some of the country’s best weather, there are plenty of other criteria for finding the perfect home. Each neighborhood has its own distinctive personality and unique features and advantages. Our team has worked with all buyers and sellers From Tempe Mill Avenue high rise urban living to Tempe Historic District and real estate near ASU 85281, Tempe royal palms, Questa Vida, Villagio at Tempe, Tempe Knoell, Alison’s, farmers ave, Downtown ASU Lofts, All aspects of real estate in Tempe we handle.

Ready to take your online tour? If so, Click here to start your Free Interactive map search that offers a searchable interactive real estate map and a list of area AZ neighborhoods can be found under my Tempe Real Estate Neighborhood Explorer. You’ll find a great collection of information about each listing including neighborhoods, photos and videos. Considerate it our way of saying welcome to the Valley of the Sun!

What are yourTempe Real Estate home and Condo Values?

Under any real estate market conditions, sellers want to know home values and how much they can sell their home for. If you’re thinking about selling your home or condo, we understand how important it is to get the best possible sale price in the shortest amount of time. Pricing your property and determining home values takes a skill and experience of a seasoned and experienced Arizona real estate professional. Did I mention I appraised real estate for four years to include Luxury Homes, Mansions, Private Estates, Penthouse Condos, subject to, future value, and more?

We have a long history of selling properties in all price ranges for the city of Tempe. Well provide you with a customized market analysis specifically for your property, and find out the latest market activity and home values in your neighborhood. But smart pricing is only part of the equation – see how we ensure that your property gets maximum exposure in all the right places, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Is your Tempe home or condo going into foreclosure?  Don’t foreclose bank are paying you a fee to do a Tempe Short Sale.  Call us for detail 480.458.8007

1. Your Credit will be hit with a lower amount than if you foreclose on your home.  A primary benefit of completing a short sale is minimizing the damage to credit.  This will give you the ability to retain credit cards, affect insurance rates, and alter financing rates for cars.

2. Quicker Ability to Obtain a Mortgage. Although many traumatized home owners find it hard to imagine owning a home again, the truth is most will.  Timeframes for obtain a Fannie Mae loan are two years after a short sale vs. seven years for a foreclosure.

3. Banks are paying sellers to do a short sale. New government programs offer sellers cash for participating and completing a short sale.  Depending on your loan and your circumstances, you may qualify for cash incentives which range from the low $1,000 up to $3000 plus.

4. Employment factors. Some employers will not hire employees with a foreclosure and other credit issues.  Short sales typically bypass these issues.

4. Avoiding the Stigma of Foreclosure. To the world, a short sale appears the same as a traditional home sale.  Neighbors will not know the true reason you are short selling your home.  There are many reasons to do a short sale and not all of them are done because you can’t pay the mortgage.

Would you like to work with Juan Pesqueira?

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